Traveling in El Salvador

Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I get to Ilobasco?

You can fly from Los Angeles, Dallas, or Atlanta directly to San Salvador. It's best to have transportation set up in advance. Traveling by bus in not recommended. El Salvador is best experienced with a guide the first time.

When is a good time to visit El Salvador?

The weather is never bad in El Salvador. There are two seasons - the dry and the wet. The wet season means that it is green all over, and you can expect brief heavy rainstorms, and then 80 degree temperatures again.

What should I expect when I get there?

The people of El Salvador have a reputation for being extremely nice. They may seem serious, or a bit shy, but they are generally much nicer than people in the United States. That said, there are bad people everywhere, and El Salvador is no exception. You'll notice lots of big guns guarding banks and gas stations. If you haven't traveled abroad much, it's probably not the place for you. In fact, don't go to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, or Mexico for that matter if you don't know what you are doing. They are much too violent at this time. A newby could still visit Costa Rica or Nicaragua and probably be just fine.

Why would I want to visit Central America?

That depends on what country you are talking about. Most people visit Costa Rica, Beliz, Honduras, or Guatemala. I love El Salvador because of the people - but the best and safest place is probably....Nicaragua.

Where do you recommend I begin?

Begin with a little research into where you are going. If that doesn't scare you - then do some more research. After that, go to Nicaragua or Costa Rica. Unless you want to meet the coolest people in the world....then go to El Salvador. If you want ruins, then Guatemala is for you. The fun thing about Guatemala is that the police are as scary as the gang members. Honduras seems to have it's share of problems too. Better stick to Costa Rica if you want to play it safe, and Nicaragua is you are a bold adventurer who would like to visit somewhere peaceful, but quite poor.